Sunset Yoga provides great communal facilities, such as the infinity swimming pool, landscaped gardens, the Jasmine SPA, the Sea View Lounge Restaurant and Pool Bar, the Pearl Event/Yoga Shala, the Sky Rooftop conference/retreat center and the gorgeous Sauna Center. 

our facilities

Sunset Hill Resort features some of the most exclusive facilities available on the island, such as the infinity swimming pool, landscaped gardens, the Jasmine SPA, the Sea View Lounge Restaurant, and Pool Bar, the Pearl Event/Yoga Shala, the Sky Rooftop conference/retreat center and the gorgeous Sauna Center with the extraordinary ice bath! Not  to forget the resort’s stunning location with breathtaking panoramic views of the sunset, sea and nearby islands,

Everything is here designed to pamper your sense during your Yoga or self-development course.

infinity pool

The Sunset Hill resort features an outstanding infinity pool, located in a superb viewpoint overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. Around the pool, you will find a luscious sunbathing garden with design sun loungers and chill-out areas. In the pool is a jacuzzi which is a great spot to enjoy the daily spectacular sunsets.

The infinity effect makes you feel like the pool water flows directly into the sea. This is a great spot for taking pictures (and share them on Instagram!), sunbathing, and, naturally, swimming. The pool bar serves a wide range of delicious drinks and foods. On special occasions, we also arrange fun pool day parties with DJs and live music.


The Sunset Yoga Viewpoint restaurant serves a delicious selection of Thai and Western food prepared and served by our friendly and attentive staff. During the courses, the restaurant will offer our students an exquisite daily vegetarian buffet, full of taste and nutrients.

You have a choice of two dining areas: the Viewpoint Restaurant and the panoramic open-air Sunset Deck. Both offer our signature views of the ocean and the marine park’s islands. You can also conveniently order food and drinks from your room until 9:00 PM.


The resort offers two first-rate training centers where you will do your Yoga practice. The round one is located in the middle of the resort while the other is on the rooftop of one of our buildings and provides a breathtaking view.

The rooftop training center is also equipped with an A/C indoor space.

sauna center

Sauna has been used for thousands of years for detoxing purposes and is still very popular today. It helps to unwind and relax and it provides a number of health benefits such as soothing the skin, eliminating toxins, improving blood circulation and cardiovascular performance, enhancing sleep quality, just to mention a few.

Sunset Hill has built a first-class sauna center, undoubtedly, the best equipped on Koh Phangan. The center consists of an infra-red sauna, a Finnish dry sauna, and a large steam room, combined with a big plunge pool. This latter can be used as an Ice Bath on Mondays and Thursdays when up to 1000 kg of ice freeze the pool! Immersing yourself in ice for a few minutes has countless health benefits, and it’s a great experience!

Enjoying a massage with a sauna and ice bath might be the perfect way to spend your evening and relax after training!


Thai massage is renowned everywhere in the world… for a good reason! In fact, it reduces stress, relaxes deep tissues, and stretches stiff muscles, leaving your body completely pampered. If you are coming to Thailand, you should not miss a Thai massage session.

Our sunset SPA offers multiple massage treatments: Standard Thai Massage, Foot Massage, Back and Shoulder Massage, After-Sun Massage, and Oil Massage. All our treatments are carried out by certified and experienced masseuses, so you can just relax and enjoy!

Besides the traditional Thai massage, our SPA also offers beauty treatments and a range of holistic health techniques from local and western practitioners, such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang, Cupping, Hypnotherapy, Tok Sen.

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